Sunday, June 19, 2011

Tri for Free and Half a Vineman

So after taking off 6 days from training, I got back on the saddle, and back in the wetsuit on Saturday morning for the first Annual Tri for Free, sprint triathlon at Lake Anza. See, they have these sprint triathlons that they call Tri for Fun, and they were having one at Shadow Cliffs that day, but they cost $65, and I don't see anything fun about paying $65 to do a sprint tri. So my friends and I planned our own sprint tri. We swam about a mile in Lake Anza (40 minute swim), then did a very hilly 17 mile bike ride out and back on Grizzly Peak, and then a three mile run. I didn't do the run, so I guess I only did the Aqua Bike, but it was super fun. I really think this should become an annual event. We had great food afterward, and we even got T-shirts!

Then today a lot of the Iron Team (plus Dave and Alex) did one of the Vineman loops. I started out the ride falling off my bike before we even started and knocking down my friend Jenn. 

Now I may have matching scars on my knees!
Well after that, things did get better, the ride was nice, even though I got lost twice. Word of advice, don't forget to take a copy of the directions, do not think you are going to just keep up with people, because everyone can kick your butt, and then you just have to ride around the valley asking random people if they know how to get to Chalk Hill or if they have seen other riders in green and purple!

It was super hot out there today, says it was over 90 degrees. I was so hot and tired when I got back to the parking lot after 4 hours and ten minutes, I went straight to my sandwich, and started eating it, and drinking a coke, when I realized a lot of the girls weren't around. I asked where they were, and was told they were all running!  Oops...I guess we were supposed to run after the ride. Another word of advice, running after eating half a sandwich and coke in 90 degree weather after a 57 mile bike ride is no fun! But hey, I kept telling myself at Canada I won't be done with my bike until 4 or 5 in the afternoon, so I won't be running in the heat at noon!

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