Friday, October 8, 2010

It's Official: I'm a Dork!

So at about mile 25 of my 45 mile ride today, I started feeling lazy.  I knew I had one more hill coming up, but I didn't really feel like going up it.  So I saw a sign that said there was a bike route going under 24 and I thought I could skip going into Moraga and Orinda, skip the hill, and cut right over to the Dam Road.  I'd get home a little earlier, my ride would be a little shorter, but I was ok with that.  I'm not in training right now, and I wanted to be I was going to be.

Too bad I make really bad decisions.  Now let me ask you...does the name Happy Valley Road make you think that you will be riding on a nice Valley Road?  I thought so.  Well it was not a valley and I was not happy!  I start going down the road, and it's starts to ascend, but I keep thinking I'll be able to cut over soon so I can get to the Dam Road which is down hill.  Well, even though I was feeling lazy today, I am also very stubborn, so I wasn't going to turn around and go the other I kept going all the way up the hill!  Finally I got to the top and was praying that I would end up down on the Dam Road when I came down the hill.  Alas, I couldn't find the Damn Road! (hee hee) instead I ended up in the middle of the Three Bears, either way I went I had to go up the bears.

All in all I ended up ascending and extra 1,000 feet, because I wanted to avoid a 200 foot climb!  Yep, I am a dork! On the bright side...I didn't injure myself on this ride!  Woo hoo.  It's been 9 days!

At Least the Ride was Beautiful!

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  1. Wait. Is this near "Upper Happy Valley Road?" In other words, an exit sign you can always spot on the highway to Walnut Creek? I ALWAYS wondered about that road! x