Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Sherri Did It! Shouldn't You?

Tonight Team in Training had an alumni party at Pacific Coast Brewery in Oakland.  One free beer and tons of free food.  I was planning on cooking dinner...but I didn't have to, instead all I did was bake an apple pie when I got home. 

So anyway, we got three new recruits for the upcoming season.  Two people we met joined the winter Tri Team.  They are going to have an awesome winter, training for an Olympic distance triathlon in Hawaii!  But what was more impressive is that Sherri signed up for Ironman!  For those of you who don't know, Sherri is my friend from Summer Team.  She just did her first triathlon at Pacific Grove last month, and now she has signed up to do an Ironman next summer.  She totally rocks! 

OK, I'm going to try to not use this blog as a soap box, but let's be's me, of course I am going to try and convince you to join TNT. I can't help it, Team in Training is amazing.   So please forgive me if I show you a little video I helped make. Winter season starts November 6th.  You could be a part of something amazing! 

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