Thursday, August 30, 2012

Spooky, Scary Zombie Run!

Ok, so maybe it's not spooky yet, but it is definitely scary. I am attempting to organize a 5-K Zombie Run in October (20 or 21) for a fundraiser for both the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and the Diabetes Hands Foundation. Yesterday I met with Claire Blaney, who was wonderful and told me everything I need to do in order to make this even successful. It was quite a lot of things to do! I think the hardest part is the unknown. I'm scared that if I put all this effort in to the Zombie Run, it might be a waste of time if enough people don't show up and I don't make any money!

But I guess the only things I need to pay for are the permit: $160 and the race bibs: $150 and a $300 deposit. Hopefully I will be able to make that back and then a lot more, but I've never been a fan of throwing fundraisers that cost money, because there is always a risk that you could lose money.

But you know what? Enough being scared. I am just going to take this head on. One step at a time, which means today I will apply for the permits (or at least contact the Parks department to see if those two days are available). Once I get permits, I'll set up the event on EventBright and then start working on sponsors and volunteers. It looks like I might need at least 20 volunteers!!! Oh my, I hope I can find that many.

Anyone interested in volunteering? Of course that would mean you couldn't run in the race...which will be totally awesome if I can get it all together! There will be runners and zombies. The runners will all start with at least 3 lives (flags on a yarn belt that can be yanked off by zombies). Runners can only win the race if they complete it and still have lives left. Zombies can win by finishing the race with the most lives taken (in under one hour). I think it'll be a little crazy...I'm going to have zombies running the course both ways, but if it works out, we could make a lot of money for cancer research and to help connect, engage, and empower people touched by diabetes!

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