Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Golden ORB's Easter Egg Hunt

So I think I am getting my groove back. No, I didn't go to some tropical island and start dating a much younger man...although...I wouldn't be opposed to the idea. OSB (Oakland Spin Brigade for those of you out of the loop) has morphed into ORB (Oakland Riding Brigade) and we celebrated our morphing by having an East egg hunt as we road up Old Tunnel Road. Coach Tony raced ahead of us and hid the eggs (in plain sight...hee hee) and we followed, fighting over the eggs because some of them had donations in them!

Jasmine and I before the Easter egg hunt began...we look like friends here...but we were soon to be bitter rivals in a race against time to get the most eggs. :)

Before we began the hunt, Jasmine and I were at the back of the pack, but as soon as they said their were eggs in front of us, we went speeding up the hill.

Susan about to grab an egg as Jasmine rushes up to try and steal it away. There was almost a huge brawl.

But then we realized there were enough eggs for everyone! So we were happy.

And what better way to celebrate a successful egg hunt than with a Birthday party for Phil at Zachary's. I love Zachary's. :)

I kind of had a one track mind that day! I wanted eggs!!!!!

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