Saturday, April 16, 2011

Recovery Underwear

Yep, you heard it here first. I really believe there is a great need for recovery underwear. So bike shorts have padding that is supposed to keep you all  nice and comfortable, but after 80 miles on a bike, I am in pain! It's not just the butt, but the entire perineal area (known to some as the taint). :)

So here is my idea: They need to make underwear that is lined with something really soft, like fur, or velour. And then it should be padded with soft down feathers, so that when you are recovering from a long bike ride, you can sit in comfort and relax! Now, I have to say, this might not have been such a problem if I had bought any shammy butter, but I keep forgetting to do that.

Oh, and in case you are wondering, why I am thinking of lining my panties with velour and stuffing them with feathers, I just did my first 80 mile bike ride today! Yes, I know I was supposed to do 100, but I have jet lag and I have a cold (with a yucky runny and itchy nose) so I am not feeling too hot. But I am super proud of myself because I had only ever ridden 60 miles before, and usually when I am sick I am a big baby and stay in bed for a week. What I found out today, was that having a cold may stop you from biking 100 miles, but it shouldn't stop you from biking 80 miles!

Here are some picks from today's Tierra Bella century ride:
Me at about my mile 65. Happy because I only had 15 left to go!

My baby, I couldn't do any of this without her!

Pretty Lake

Me and my boys! guacamole!

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