Friday, April 1, 2011

Half Way to Iron!

I apologize for not having written lately. For a couple of weeks I started to feel a little overwhelmed, like "what the heck have I got myself into? I have to do this for 5 more months?" I guess I was feeling a little discouraged.  But then last weekend we went down to Lake San Antonio and do our first Half Ironman of the season. We spent the weekend camping in the rain...which hopefully made my time doing the event much longer...that and the hilly course. It took me 2 hours longer to do this one, then it did to do Big Kahuna, but that's ok. I finished! And I have a chance to do it all again on April 30th, hopefully in better whether.

So here are some pictures of the weekend. I know you are going to be jealous!
Our camp, before the rain on Saturday
Set my transition up in my car, because I didn't want my stuff to get all wet!
Think it looks cold? It was colder!
One good thing about Ironman compared to regular triathlons: you get your own wetsuit strippers!
Then it was time to get on the bike...56 miles in the rain. And I have to say...Nasty Grade was pretty nasty. I think at one point I was asking myself: "what the heck am I doing signing up to come do this again in a month?" But once it was over I felt great!
And I crossed the finish line. Completing 70.3 miles in just 8 hours and 48 minutes! LOL....let's hope that I can cut off an hour when I do it again in April.
Iron Team! I couldn't do this without them!

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