Thursday, July 7, 2011

Fourth of July

My Fourth of July weekend was so much fun. My friend Liz and I went up to Sierraville (a small town of 300 people which is located 20 miles north of Truckee). My mom grew up there and we were having a family reunion on Sunday. Liz and I got to stay on my aunt's ranch, which she has set up as a perfect camping spot. She has her trailer and then a dining tent set up. She also has a tent set up with mattresses on pallets, so we didn't even have to bring our own tent. There is a creek running through the property and she has a big BBQ set up and a place for a fire pit, as well as two horses. It's absolutely great!
Aunt Mary and Liz at the ranch entrance

Dining area, fire pit, and BBQ

Our awesome tent

The cute creek

So we went up there Thursday and on Friday we woke up, and got ready for our double brick: 30 mile bike, 50 minute run, 30 mile bike, 50 minute run:

Riding around Sierra Valley was great. Two cars went by and stopped to tell us how great we looked! :)

We were exhausted by the time we were done after 6 hours and 10 minutes, but it was nice to be by the creek at twilight:

The next day we got to ride my aunt's horses:

Then we packed up, went to Tahoe and swam for 65 minutes in Crystal Bay. It was so beautiful:

 And that night we got all dressed up and went to see Super Diamond (the most awesome Neil Diamond cover band ever!):
The next day we woke up and did a 90 minute ride around we didn't go all around Tahoe in 90 minutes, we did an out and back. And then we went for a 10 minute run. Tahoe is gorgeous!
Then it was time to meet the Coprens, so we drove back to Sierra Valley and went to my family reunion in the mountains. Lots of meat, and wine, and just good times!
All in all, I have to say it was a great weekend. My aunt said I can have people come up and camp any time during the summer I am thinking weekend biking/running/swimming camping trip next summer....fundraiser??? Well if I didn't make it a fundraiser people might get confused and think I had been kidnapped by aliens and that they had sent a replacement for me. :)

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