Wednesday, July 13, 2011

"The Situation"

This weekend Iron Team went up to Napa to ride the Silverado Trail. Vineman peeps got to ride about 54 miles and run 10 minutes, and Canada peeps got to ride 108-110 miles and do 15 minutes of running! On the ride we realized there are just six of us doing Canada, so we are a 6-pack...better known as "The Situation" So I am pleased to introduce you all to the members of "The Situation" who will all be kicking ass in Canada in 45 days!
Bill Fanning: biking and running extraordinaire. He is the first P in our VPP!

Maureen Alford: Badass who decided her first triathlon ever would be an Ironman!

Jasmine Barranti: Founder and President of the VOP and the VPP!

Emily Walton: also known as EMBO, if someone has to get dirty, it will probably be her

Aki Lewis: Miracle Lady...nothing can stop her, not even knee surgery!

Kristy Newstrom: Honey Badger #1, you know she don't give a shit! She is going to rock this course!


  1. I was wondering what "The Situation" was! I miss you Emily! I know you are loving life right now and I am so proud of you. Lots of love your way!!