Sunday, July 24, 2011

Triple Brick

I just finished my first triple brick. This was a 30 mile bike ride/50 minute run/30 mile bike ride/50 minute run/30 mile bike ride/50 minute run, and I have to say I felt great! I actually had so much fun. How could I not have fun when riding with the VOP:
 As well as the VPP:
So anyway, the day started off well...with the VPP riding together...we didn't stay completely together the entire day, but we were all quite close. The first bike loop was easy, and seemed to go by so fast, and I felt great when I got on the run. I ran the whole 50 minutes, I didn't even do my run/walk that first time. 

The second bike loop and run also went really fact I did both rounds in 2 hours and 45 minutes...but by the time I started on my third bike loop I knew that one was going to be slower. And it was...but I still felt really good through the whole thing. I had eaten some pasta before the last loop and I kept thinking I was going to get a stomach ache, but I didn't, and even though I was tired, I felt strong. The last run was a little slower than the first two...but I didn't get any cramps, and I had a really good time. Oh...I remembered to take my salt pills all day long...maybe that helped.

Anyway, today wasn't great because I had a good day working out...I mean that was good, but what was great was all the support we got from the entire Iron Team. Even though there are only 8 of us who were out there doing the triple brick, the entire staff showed up as well as most of the team. They were out there all day at water stops, running with us, biking with us, giving us water and food. They were truly amazing. It really felt like a family reunion, except maybe with a little less mayonnaise and beer. ;)

Just some examples of the cool things people were doing out there that made this just a perfect day:
Phil feeding us cold watermelon, Les filing our water bottles, Marina doing our run with us, Tony giving us his iced coffee, Dana draping wet towels on us, Helen trying to get us to eat healthy and eat some salad, Jen getting the pizza for us, and Sedonia even gave me my own personal baby wipe bath! There were so many more people out there today, I know I have missed more than a few, but I just hope they all know how much I totally appreciate everything they did for us today. I feel so lucky to be a part of such a big, dedicated, caring group of people. I am truly blessed.

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