Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Running in Water

So I haven't posted in a while. A week and a half ago I did the Vineman Aquabike (2.4 mile swim and 112 mile bike ride) and then I ran 4 miles just for fun. I wanted to write about it because it was super fun, but most of the people on my team did their Ironman that day, so I was much more interested in reading about their experiences. I was super proud of them! Especially my friend Dana, who kept going until 2:30 in the morning to finish the race and become an Ironman.

Then after Vineman I started to get a little pain in my foot and by last Friday it had gotten really bad. I couldn't walk on it, and it was swollen, and by Sunday people started to talk to me about stress fractures and neuroma, and basically I started to think that I might have something really wrong with me, and that I might not be able to do the Ironman. I didn't really feel like writing about that, since one I was probably over reacting, and two I didn't want it to be true.

So I finally made an appointment and got x-rays and saw a podiatrist, and I don't have stress fractures or neuroma! Basically I have just not had proper foot placement and have been putting too much stress on my metatarsals (toes). So they gave me these little metatarsal pads to put in my shoes and told me to stretch my calf and not run until August 28th. :) I will however be running in the water, thanks to Dave Stark who is lending me a water running belt. I don't really know how it works yet, but I am sure I will look very funny, so if you want a good laugh you can find me at Temescal pool in the evenings at 5!

So I guess the next time I will be running on pavement will be for 26.2 miles after I have already been working out for 9 to 10 hours. Hopefully my butt and shoulders will hurt so much from the bike ride, I won't notice any pain in my foot! Well hopefully I won't have any pain in my foot...but if I do, then I can hope for the second best, right?

So anyway, I really feel super lucky, and I hope that the pads and stretching and not running make me feel fresh and new on race day!

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