Sunday, September 26, 2010

Bumps, Scrapes, and Bruises

Ok, so I decided to have a count of how many days I can go with out injury.  Then two days later I forget to change gears when I stop at the bottom of a hill for a chat with my friends, and of course I get back on my bike, and try and start pedaling up hill, and can't even move my pedals because the gear is too high and fall over with my bike on top.  Now I didn't think much about this, but of course Dave had to remind me that I needed to start my count over again.  My knee was bleeding just a little bit and I was trying to argue that if I don't need a bandaid it doesn't count as an injury...although this morning it is black and blue and a little swollen.  And of course I did this to the knee that I scraped up a month ago, so it doesn't look that pretty.  So do I post every single bump and bruise I get?  If I do that I will be posting probably every day-Emily ran into the door again and has a bruise on her forehead, Emily tripped while running and skinned her knee, Emily was cooking pasta for friends and burnt her, but if I do post each one then maybe I will start paying more attention so that I stop letting myself get hurt.  I actually work much better with outside motivation...anyone want to bet me a $10 that I can make it a week without hurting myself?

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