Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Iron Injuries

So I think it will be a good idea to keep track of all my injuries...and start one of those day counts, you know like they have at your job.  We've gone so many days without injuries.  Let's see how many I can go.  Today we are at zero days without injury because I just slammed my finger in the bike locker after I locked up my bike.  Sometimes I wonder why I am not more careful, I could avoid so many painful experiences.  You think I would learn.  Well let's long do you think I can go without another injury?


  1. Aww poor Em! Hopefully you can go a whole week! I am betting on 7 Days!

  2. OUCH! It's the Copren curse. We are all like this! Sarah

  3. its sana,sana,culito de no sanas hoy, sanara manana.