Friday, September 17, 2010

Decision Time

So I have been on track to apply to the Masters Entry Program for Nursing at UCSF since more than a year ago.  I spent all last summer studying for the GRE and rocked it.  I took the first half of Anatomy/Physiology, and did great, and now I am in the second semester of it.  But all I want to do is go to bike trainings on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Part of me thinks I need to stick with the class because once it's done, I don't have to do anything else before I apply. But the other part of me is having crazy dreams where I get mad at my professor for taking a point away from me on a test for a question I answered correctly, and then I throw my books down on the floor and tell him that he doesn't know anything about AN/P and storm out and never go back.  And when I say dream, I don't mean it's something I really want and think about while awake. These are crazy images that come to me in my sleep.  I have very vivid dreams, often about things that are bothering me. 

So the question is, do I do what I really enjoy and want to be doing (bike trainings) or do I do what I wanted to be doing a year ago?  Not taking the class right now will actually not hinder my application to UCSF, because I can apply without having finished the requirements, and then just take the class next Fall.  Of course then it will be with people I don't know and I might forget all the stuff I learned last semester.  Hm...I haven't decided yet, any thoughts?  What would you do? 

And not to influence your opinion but here are two photos, one of me in class and one of me on my bike:


  1. My Dearest Emily,
    You will learn the balance of life. Life has a way of working these things out. I trust good decisions and life long love will come of this.
    -Buddha Aly

  2. Follow your heart.