Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A Little Under the Weather

Nov 3rd...I should be snuggled up under my blankets, trying to keep warm and sipping my peppermint tea to help me get over my cold, right?  Well I am in my shorts and tank top, no covers on, window wide open, sweating thinking about how I wish I wasn't so lazy because I would really like a popsicle  from up stairs right now...but I am too tired and lazy to go get it for myself.  Yes, this is me, the person who plans to do an Ironman in 297 days, and I won't even walk up the stairs to get something refreshing to cool myself off.  But that's because I am under the weather.

I got a cold or virus this weekend, and I'm full of snot, and tired, and a little cranky. For some reason when I am sick I begin to think negatively.  I guess that isn't that abnormal, but considering I am usually pretty optimistic I find it strange when I start to think negatively about things.  I guess this is the time to relax and be lazy.  I am sure I will be feeling better by Saturday (I hope I will be feeling better by Saturday, since it is kick off!) And everyone needs some down time, right?

So I guess I will just embrace my tiredness and sickness, go to bed early, sleep in, and have an excuse to call my roommates tomorrow morning and see if I can get them to bring breakfast down to me in bed. (I live in the basement....but that's another story).

Shot of my bedside table full of medicine and tissue.  And yes, I have a teddy bear, although I don't know why my captains pin is there...I couldn't find it all summer!

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