Saturday, November 6, 2010

One Down Four to Go!!!

Today was Kick Off!  Iron Team has begun!  But don't feel left out, there is still time to join.  It's fun, it's exciting, I'd say it's easy, but what in life is worth having if it comes easily?  Nothing much that I can think of.  But this will be challenging in the way that will help you see yourself in an entirely new light.

Today was our first work, just some strength and track work.  Lucky for me, I've been sick all week, so I got to feel like I was just starting out again.  Lungs burning after two laps, wheezing, coughing. Good memories of how I used to feel when I first started doing all this stuff.  It was a good reminder of how far I have come.  Today the thought of running 3 miles terrified me (so I was really glad we didn't have to), and that's just because I've been sick all week, and this was the first time I had even gotten out of bed. 

Sometimes I forget how hard it used to be, how each step was today was a good reminder.  It helped me realize why people don't do this.  Because at first, it can be kind of hard...ok, it can be really hard.  Ever seen Biggest Looser?  Those people don't look like they are having fun at the beginning of the season.  But it also made me realize what a good decision it was to start doing this and why I keep doing it.  After the initial shock to the body, it actually become fun.  Challenging, for sure, but fun.

So...I've gotten my friend Sherri to sign up for Iron Team, and I only need four more people to join.  You will absolutely love it, and I will win a really cool windbreaker, which I will let you borrow once in a while!

All winter teams are just starting now.  So why not try something new?
 (Sometimes I feel like TNT should be paying me for all the publicity I give them)

Who knew Ironmen make excellent Wheel Barrels?

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