Sunday, November 28, 2010

My Holiday Week

So Wednesday I flew to San Diego to spend Thanksgiving with my bro, his awesome wife, and our parents.  But of course, you can't stop training, just because it is a holiday!

On Wednesday it was an hour swim and 40 minutes of core, but I can't seem to get that much core done in 40 minutes, so it took me about an hour!

I was the only one at the pool that day.  I guess everyone else was all warm inside enjoying time with their families.

But the next day, Thanksgiving, I got to enjoy it with my family! Kathy and I did a 10 K, and then we did a 5K with our parents and John and Sugar.

But we did get to relax in the hot tub afterward.  Gosh, I love visiting my brother!

Yep, those are mimosas in our plastic cups.  Hey, I am training, but I still have a life!

Then Friday it was back to the gym for the best spin class ever, then another hour swim.  This time a really cute guy who swam well and looked hot in a speedo was in the lane next to me.  Sorry, no pics of that.  :(

Flew home Friday night and Saturday morning had to get up bright and early for a 22 mile ride in the rain with the Team.

We got to ride all around Tiburon, it was beautiful!  And it only rained for about 12 miles out of 22!

And then today, swim, run, core.  I was told I need to practice sticking out my chest more in the water.

How do you think I am doing?  Funny thing is, this summer, the run coach said I needed to stick my chest out am I doing wrong, I definitely need to practice this more often, either that, or people really want to see my boobies.  ;)

We finished the workout with everyone's favorites: burpies!  If you don't know what these are, consider yourself lucky!

And then we got to go eat! Pictures of that to follow....

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