Thursday, December 2, 2010

Didn't Want to Do It!

My alarm went off this morning at 5:45am.  I sleep with an electric blanket, so it was all warm and cozy in my bed, and freezing in my bedroom.  I had a swim marker to do today.  Which is swim 1000 yards (40 lengths of the pool) for time.  Since 24 Hour Fitness has short pools I had planned on going to El Cerrito Community Pool...which is outdoors.

When the alarm went off, I turned it off, convinced myself I could do the swim marker this weekend and maybe get in a swim after class tonight indoors at 24 Hour Fitness.  I reset the alarm for 7am.  Then I lay in bed for a minute thinking about it....and I realized I just needed to do it.  Nike was so smart when they came up with that marketing ploy...because it is so true.  Just Do It.  That needs to be my mantra.

So I got up, put my suit on and went to the pool.  Lucky for me it was heated, so once I was in the water I was ok.  We had to do 1000 yards of warm up and drills before we started the marker, and it's funny, the whole time I was doing those I was dreading the marker.  Swimming is my best sport out of the three...but I really hate anything that makes me push myself.  A little ironic, I know. I love endurance sports, but I hate pushing myself! Anyway, the warm up and drills came to an end and it was time to start the marker.  When I started it, I realized "It's only 40 laps" that's like two 500s and I used to race 500s in high school.  It really wasn't going to be too bad.  So I checked the clock, took my first breathe, and started swimming at the a pace faster than was comfortable.  I did 1000 yards in 18 minutes and 24 seconds, I think. I lost count at 21 for a second and thought I was on 23, but couldn't remember, so I dropped back down to 21, so maybe I did an extra 50.  So I guess actually this isn't the greatest marker, since I don't really know if I did the correct distance.  Lucky me, I guess I will be doing another swim marker this weekend.

But you know, I don't regret getting up this morning.  In fact, when I was done with the swim and walking to the parking lot, my 7am alarm went off (I use my phone). And I smiled, thinking I had almost stayed in bed. It was a really good feeling!

Me leaving the pool.  You know there is something a little wrong with having to wear your snow gear to go swimming.  I miss the summer!


  1. You're fabulous, Em! I've been having those moments lately myself, and I can't wait to get myself locked into another event so I can stop hitting the snooze button. Thank you for inspiring me!!!