Monday, November 15, 2010

Pondering Poo

So the conversation got a little dirty during the half marathon this weekend.  And when I say dirty, I don't mean it in the naughty way...but the yucky way.  And yes, it was probably my fault...but who can really be held responsible for the conversations they start when under the duress of running 13 miles?  Anyway, Nic, Bonnie, Aly, Emily, Dave and I went down to Monterey to run the Big Sur half marathon this weekend.  (Well Dave went down to cheer us on).

Emily and Aly and I ended up running the whole thing together. Well run/walk-9 min run, 1 min walk, which I have to say was awesome.  I think I can totally do a marathon if I do it like that.  I feel great today.  Hardly sore at all.  It took a little longer than when I ran the whole thing, but only 25 minutes longer, and I had so much more fun than when I ran the whole thing and was dying the last 3 miles!

Anyway, the scenery was absolutely gorgeous!

So back to the dirty talk.  Don't get all excited, this wasn't the fun dirty pillow talk...but I had some questions I needed answered about pooing while doing triathlons.  See I swear that someone told me (maybe my cousin Sarah?) that when people are really intense and are doing a triathlon and don't want to stop, they poo in their pants and then hold open the leg of their tri shorts and let it fall out.  I even recall that whoever told me this, also told me there was a hand signal for if you do this while on the bike to let the person behind you know what will be falling out.  So I told Aly and Emily this, and they said there was no way that could be true.  They said you would chaff too much, which seems true.  Then we decided you could maybe pull down your shorts before you went, but it might fall on your seat, and that would be kind of disgusting.  So they almost convinced me that whoever told me this (I wish I could remember for sure) must have been joking.  But at the same time I know there are people who do Ironman for time, and if they have to poo, what would they do?  It seems unlikely they would pull over and my question is...can anyone tell me if people only pee on themselves while doing Ironman, or do they poo on themselves too?

I am just trying to be completely prepared for next August.  :)

Just kidding, I will probably pull over and use a porta-potty. Unless someone can tell me how to do it in a really clean way!

Aly, me, and Emily at the end.  

 Oh and I can't forget to say what an awesome job Aly, Emily, and Bonnie did.  They all completed their first half marathon this weekend!  Go Gu-Gu Dolls!

And congrats to Margo who got a PR 1:48! We never saw her because she was so fast, it was like lightening shooting past us!

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