Thursday, November 18, 2010


Do I have enough strength to keep going?

So I just realized that Iron Team is going to be a lot different than my last two seasons on Team in Training.  I thought I would just be swimming, biking, and running longer distances...but no...they want me to get stronger.  We have strength training 4 times a week.  Now, I am not complaining, because I have always known I should be doing strength training...I just haven't done it.  It's hard.

Last night we were sent home from our track workout and told to do our strength training on our own.  That was a tough one.  Something in me just didn't want to do it.  Finally I realized that if I start taking short cuts now, I will never get to where I want to be (crossing that finish line on August 28th in Canada). So I sat in my room doing squats and lunges, and push ups, and wall sits, and crunches until I was so exhausted I just lay on the floor, and almost fell asleep there.  The funny thing is that last night's workout was only 20 minutes.  Tomorrow we are supposed to do 40 minutes! 

I am sure if I keep doing it, I will have the physical strength to keep doing it...I just don't know if I have the mental strength right now.  Any suggestions on how to make core workouts more fun, or at least not so terribly frightening? 


  1. Do core workouts with me!!!! I am always down for strength. Also make sure you do it to fun music!

  2. Way to go Emily! Last night's core was crazy. I'm still sore. Keep at it! You're gonna be super strong!