Sunday, January 16, 2011

Super Great Week, Super Tired Now!

So tired, and training is really still just beginning.  This was my week:

Tuesday: Wake at 7am: Work and then spin at night.

Wednesday: Wake 4:50 am: Swim 3200 yards in the morning, work, track at night 10 minute warm up, then 6x800, then 40 minutes of core.

Thursday: Wake at 4:50 am swim 2100 yard, work, 40 minutes core, then night at the Academy of Sciences.

Friday: Wake at 9 am (yeah!!!): Swim 3100 yards, run 45 minutes, then movie and dinner.

Saturday: Wake at 7 am: 35 mile bike ride, 1 mile run, nap, then potluck dinner with college friends.

Sunday: Wake at 6 am: Triple Brick (30 minute spin, 20 minute run)x3, 40 minutes core, Calendar release party at sports basement.

Spin at Sports Basement (three times)

 Run to the bridge and back (three times)

Monday: Tomorrow is a holiday! I am going to sleep in and do NO TRAINING!

I am super, super tired!  But hey, it was all worth it because I got the spirit cape this week!!!!

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