Friday, January 7, 2011

Super Excited for this Weekend

So after 7 days in bed, I got right back in the saddle and had tons of fun at spin class on Tuesday night, ran on Wednesday, then spin again on Thursday.  Today was supposed to be a swim day, but I'm not really ready for a I decided to sleep in an hour...I can miss one day of swimming....especially since I want to be well rested for our first tri of the season tomorrow.

Tomorrow at 6:30am we are all checking in for our first team Sprint Tri in Santa Rosa.  I am super happy we get to use all of our tri gear (tri suit instead of swim suit) because I realized when packing my new tri bag last night...I am so clueless about how to do anything efficiently.  Which is funny because last night my friend Cathy was going on and on about how I am the most efficient person ever. Now I feel pressure to figure this all out quickly!

Anyway, tonight I'm driving up to have an Iron Team sleepover and then swim, bike, and run tomorrow! The only thing we aren't using is our wetsuits, so I have convinced some of the coolest girls on earth (you know who you are!) to meet me at Aquatic Park on Sunday, so we get some open water swimming this weekend as well.

If you want to be super cool too you should meet us at 8am on Sunday at Aquatic Park. We are going to swim, then run, then do core.

Just look at how happy people who swim at Aquatic Park look:

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