Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Maybe It's not About Just Pushing Through It

So in my last post I talked about how I had gotten through a 38 mile ride in the rain, and how I felt so good that I actually did it.  Which it did feel good that I had done it...but at the same time...I now realize that it probably cost me a lot more than I was bargaining for to do it.  I had said I was losing my voice on Sunday, now it's Wednesday and I have been feeling like crap all week, and just getting worse.  Today I woke up and could hardly swallow because my throat hurts.  I haven't been able to train because I've been sick, and today I couldn't even go to work.

So...maybe in the future I shouldn't think I need to do everything the training schedule says. And I think also I might avoid biking in the rain.  I mean I own a trainer, and although 3 hours on a trainer sounds kind of boring, I am sure I could find something on netflix to watch to make it go by faster.

Now...maybe this had nothing to do with my ride in the rain, maybe it was just a coincidence. I mean my roommate has been sick for two weeks and a bunch of my friends were getting sick too. But I don't think being in the cold rain could have helped.  So in the future, I think I need to think a little bit more before I decide I just need to push through something.

All I can say now, is that at least I get to eat frozen yogurt and fruit smoothies all day.  I hope I feel better soon.I have so much to do this week and weekend.


  1. Take care of yourself Em, I think with training you have to remember that life happens. This is a good lesson in life. Things happen to get in the way of your "plans" it is how you deal with them and get around them. You are doing great, ad you are an inspiration! Take care of yourself, I know Iron Emily will be back in no time.

  2. You're learning much young grasshopper! You're gonna be alright EmBO!