Tuesday, February 8, 2011

OMG....Just 200 more days!

I can't believe it.  Ironman Canada is in 200 days!  Maybe this explains my weird dream last night.  I dreamt I was in  Canada and it was the night before my race.  I was freaking out because I hadn't made any sandwiches to eat on the bike ride, and when I went to make them I only found peanut butter and no jelly.  I also realized I didn't know what time the race started and I didn't know what time to set my alarm clock for!

I sure hope this doesn't mean I will be having anxiety dreams for the next 200 days!

It's all going to be fine, right?  These next 200 days are going to be fun filled and exciting!  Oh, especially since I am now starting Operation EWGSA (Embo Won't Get Sick Anymore) which involves NOT waking up anymore at 4:30am for swims, and closing my eHarmony account.  You know those dating websites need to come with a warning label: "CAUTION: Do not attempt to use while training for an Ironman, may be bad for your health!"

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